TWICE’s Dahyun Knew She’d Become An Idol After Starring In GOT7’s MV, Here’s Why

It was an eye-opening experience for her.

During their trainee days, the members of TWICE made their first appearances to the public through the music videos of their JYP Entertainment seniors.

While Sana appeared in GOT7‘s “A” as the main lead, she wasn’t the only one given a starring role in one of the group’s music videos.

Dahyun also appeared in “Stop Stop It”. Even though Sana’s role had come at a time when she was ready to give up her dream of becoming an idol, Dahyun’s made her realize the idol life was precisely what she’d wanted.

Thinking back to the experience, Dahyun recalled that it was her very first shoot, “I participated in a shoot for the first time when I was a trainee. I was the main actress in a music video for GOT7 sunbae-nim‘s ‘Stop Stop It’.”

Because of that and the fact that she’d been selected for the role, Dahyun had been worried about fulfilling everyone’s expectations. She revealed, “The director cast me, so I was in the shoot. I was so nervous.”

Shaking off the worry, Dahyun did what she was cast to do. In the process, she experienced things she had never experienced before, “It was my first shoot, and for the first time, someone else did my makeup and hair as well as help me wear costumes.” It made her realize that those things were part of being an idol.

On top of being in the middle of such a lively set, she was able to briefly experience what her life would be like if she succeeded in her training. “I could see what it would be like once I debuted. Usually, the set for the shoot is very hectic and crazy, and I loved that vibe.”

It was then that she realized becoming an idol was indeed what she wanted to do in life, “I loved the busy, fast vibe of the set. So I thought, once I debuted, it would be like this. I thought that. I remember myself being so excited to be in the shoot.”

Being a trainee and hearing about how idol life will be is far different from seeing it first-hand. Thanks to that opportunity, Dahyun knew for sure she had to achieve her dream. Watch her discuss how it had been such an eye-opening experience for her.