TWICE’s Sana Almost Gave Up Her Dream Before Starring In GOT7’s “A”

She was ready to stop training to become an idol.

Before TWICE debuted as a group, several of the members were already on everyone’s radar. As trainees, they made appearances in quite a few music videos of their JYP Entertainment seniors.

One of the most memorable was Sana‘s role in GOT7‘s catchy music video “A” back in 2014.  Dressed in uniform, she looked the part of the stunning waitress/cashier that stole the boys’ hearts.

Fans who watched the video were just as taken with the beautiful girl that had been the main lead.

While the response had been positive, Sana recently revealed in TWICE: SEIZE THE LIGHT that it hadn’t been during one of the happiest times in her trainee life.

Thinking back on that period in her life, Sana recalled the attention she received from that role.

She showed appreciation for the opportunity, “Before I debuted, I took part in the music video for ‘A’ by GOT7. That’s how people saw me on TV for the first time.”

Sana admitted that she had stopped managing her weight during that time. While that doesn’t seem significant, weight management is a major part of being an idol.

She was rebelling against that because she was ready to stop pursuing her dream of becoming an idol. Sana explained, “But, at that time, I started to gain weight because I was thinking of quitting.”

Thanks to all of the hard work she put into training and the motivation she gained from snatching the main role in GOT7’s music video, everyone has been blessed with TWICE’s Sana.

Without her or any other member missing from the nine, they wouldn’t be the group ONCEs know and love.

Watch Sana discuss how the starring role had marked a turning point in her trainee years and kept her on track to reach her ultimate dream.