TWICE’s Dahyun And MONSTA X’s Joohoney Wore The Same Hairstyle, But Served Completely Different Vibes

They also went to the same church pre-debut!

Just as TWICE has concluded their promotions for “SCIENTIST”, MONSTA X has geared up for their comeback with “Rush Hour”. The episode of Music Core dated November 20, 2021 was the last week of promotions for TWICE while it was the first for MONSTA X. But the date wasn’t the only thing that was overlapping. Fans soon realized that Dahyun and Joohoney had been wearing the same hairstyle on their respective stages!

Joohoney rocked the mini spacebuns style with fire red hair. His eyebrows were tinted slightly reddish-brown to match.


Dahyun rocked a longer verison of the look and added adorable touches such as curled bangs and jeweled eye makeup.


While Dahyun looked adorable, Joohoney’s fierce look suited their concept for “Rush Hour” perfectly. However, the coincidences between the two don’t stop there! It turns out that their fate started from pre-debut. During an episode of Weekly Idol, Dahyun had once revealed that Joohoney was someone she knew from church! They had attended the same church and both ended up pursuing their dreams as an idol.


Perhaps he even saw her iconic eagle dance at church! The world sure is small! Best of luck to MONSTA X for “Rush Hour” and congratulations to TWICE on their successful comeback.