TWICE’s Dahyun Proves She Has The Most Perfect Waist-To-Hip Ratio In New Photos

And people still want to argue that God doesn’t have favorites?!

On TWICE‘s official Instagram page, a series of pictures were recently uploaded of Dahyun wearing a super cute dress with a cape detail. And while at first glance, the photo seems innocent enough, it was the following pictures that showed off the TWICE member’s insane proportions.

In the photos, Dahyun’s insane waist-to-hip ratio was shown off, creating absolute awe amongst her fans!

Dahyun’s body proportions | @twicetagram/Instagram

While her face may show off her never-ending cuteness, her slim waist and curvy hips have started to create quite a buzz online.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Are you kidding me?! Do y’all see this? Considering that Dahyun is only 158.9 cm (5’2 ft), her proportions are truly out of this world!

| theqoo

This is definitely not the first time Dahyun made headlines with her stunning body. So be sure to check out the 10+ moments when netizens were floored by the TWICE member’s proportions down below:

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