People Are Mesmerized By This GIF Of TWICE Dahyun Putting Her Hair In A Bun, Mid-Performance

She’s a true hair master.

TWICE‘s Dahyun has the perfect face shape to pull off high buns, and with her long, beautiful locks, she has the volume and length, too.


It’s a hairstyle she wears often, for both casual and formal occasions.


While it’s a regular occurrence to see her sporting the high bun, a clip of Dahyun retying her hair while in the middle of a “Knock Knock” rehearsal last year has resurfaced, showing off her master hair-tying ability.


Netizens can’t stop watching the gif of her smoothly retying her hair after it begins falling out during the song.

  • “The gif is addictive.”
  • “Because of her face shape, buns look perfect on her.”
  • “Koala Dahyun…. f*ucking cute.”
  • “Her real life visuals are 50000x better, she’s definitely a celebrity.”
  • “Dahyun in a bun, in any color… I’m weak.”
  • “She’s so adorable.”
  • “I can’t tie it that fast… and dancing too.”
  • “Dubu… so cute…”


She didn’t miss even a single step!


Fans are celebrating that no matter her hair color…


Or style, she looks relaxed and pretty with her hair piled high on her head.


Messy or neat, round or straight up like a cone, it’s all perfect for Dahyun.


The hairstyle really frames her face, showing off her high nose bridge and elegant features.


And it’s as if the bun adds a whole other level of adorableness!


Now Dahyun can add pro bun maker to her long list of talents!


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