TWICE’s Dahyun Once Revealed Sana’s Funniest Korean Mistake—Here’s The Story

Everyone burst out laughing!

Born and raised in Japan, TWICE‘s Sana learned Korean when she moved to the country. Naturally, she made a few mistakes along the way—one of which was so hilarious that her members didn’t forget it!


Dahyun personally told the story when the group made an appearance on Tei’s Dream Radio in 2017.


She explained that when fans approach TWICE for an autograph, they usually write down their status in society. For example, students write “OO student.”

When a fan asks for an autograph, it comes with a note on it saying ‘OO student.’

— Dahyun

Once, a male fan wrote “private-ranked soldier.”

There was one that came with ‘OO private-ranked soldier.’

— Dahyun

Sana, however, mistakenly thought he was suffering from an illness! In Korean, the same word is used for both “private soldier” and “disease.”

And Sana said in a serious tone, ‘Is this person ill?

— Dahyun

Upon hearing Dahyun’s story, everyone in the room burst out laughing.

As fans would know, Sana is now very fluent in Korean and likely doesn’t make the same mistake anymore, but her sincerity was both adorable and touching!

Source: YouTube