TWICE’s Dahyun Shares One Of The Benefits Of Her Unique Talent

This has “saved” the TWICE members several times!

TWICE‘s Dahyun has many talents, but one unique talent she has is being able to find cameras no matter where they’re positioned.

TWICE’s Dahyun

In a recent episode of Radio Star, the hosts were amazed when looking at photos of Dahyun spotting cameras.

When asked how she’s able to find cameras so easily, Dahyun shared that she just gets a “feeling” when cameras are nearby.

Dahyun then spoke on one of the “benefits” of being able to spot cameras so easily. When TWICE go to their waiting rooms, they often have to change their clothes.

However, sometimes the members try to change their clothes quickly because they’re in a rush and forget to check for CCTVs. Thankfully, Dahyun is always able to tell the members when there is a CCTV nearby.

Here’s the full video below!