TWICE’s Dahyun Startles the Sign Language Interpreter With Her Rare Talent on the Morning News

The sign language interpreter looked legit surprised.

TWICE‘s Dahyun recently made a surprise appearance on the morning news to report the weather conditions.

Following the news routine, Dahyun opened up about how she felt about having a go at being a weatherwoman for a day and entertained viewers with her cheerful personality.




But fans hadn’t seen anything yet.

When the anchor requested that Dahyun show off a personal talent, Dahyun offered to show everyone something that she could do, which is apparently only possible for 1% of the world’s population.

And when Dahyun went ahead and showcased her rare talent, everybody’s eyes shifted to the face of the sign language interpreter on the corner of the screen.


She looked legit surprised.


And fans didn’t blame her.

That actually startled me.

– Netizen

It looks like Dahyun is back and ready to catch everybody off guard.

TWICE recently made a comeback with “MORE & MORE”, which you can check out down below:

Source: Dispatch