Videos Of TWICE’s Dahyun Prove That Photos Just Don’t Do Her Visuals Justice

She looks pretty in photos, but her videos are on another level.

TWICE‘s Dahyun is incredibly photogenic, but some fans think she looks even more gorgeous in videos than she does in pictures.


In photos, it’s easy for Dahyun’s fair skin to turn out overexposed…


…which makes her features to appear less defined than they do in real life.

  • Because she’s so white, she comes out brighter in pictures, but her features are more distinct in videos. I saw GMA’s fancam and her nose bridge is crazy, her eyes are huge too.
  • Her nose bridge is beautiful, her pictures don’t give her nose justice. She’s got monolids, but she still looks like this??


In videos though, her features are more distinct.


Her eyes look bigger and brighter…


…her pretty nose bridge stands out…


…and her killer smile shoots fans right through the heart!


In videos, fans can also see Dahyun’s subtle shift between expressions, which reveals more of her vivacity and charm.

  • The way she shifts her expressionless face to her smile is so pretty ㅠㅠ And you can see more of her expressions in her videos so it’s even more touching


After seeing these gifs, there’s no doubt about it. Dahyun truly is a top visual!

  • Dahyun just looks average cute, but in her videos you can see how white she really is and her facial features are so sharp. She’s definitely among TWICE’s top 3 visuals.