TWICE Dahyun’s Cute Encounter With Security At New York Fashion Week Proves How Infectious Her Smile Is

Did she make him “shy shy shy?”

TWICE‘s Dahyun has gone viral for her beauty several times so it is no surprise she has been turning heads from the moment she landed in New York for her appearance at the Michael Kors S/S23 Collection Show at New York Fashion Week!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicestagram/Instagram

Dahyun first caught attention with her elegant airport fashion as she departed from South Korea. The TWICE member wore a beautiful jacket and styled her hair very simply, creating a very classy look.

Fans were even more thrilled when she made her appearance for the Michael Kors show wearing a little black dress that fit her perfectly. As you can imagine fans had very strong feelings about her look and were living for every single photo and moment shared of Dahyun at the event.

| @matthewtleung/Instagram

There was one moment, however, after the show that fans absolutely loved!

While Dahyun was leaving, she signed and posed for photos with fans. During this time, a person who appeared to be a security guard for the show offered her a bit of hand sanitizer, which she accepted with a smile.

After she smiled at him, the security turned away to begin to escort her out and fans couldn’t help but noticed he had a pleased smile on his face!

Fans can’t help but relate to his reaction and appreciate his behavior towards Dahyun.

We completely relate and love her smile just as much!