TWICE Once Exposed Nayeon’s Strangest Habits, And Even She Wasn’t Aware Of Them

“No way! That never happened.”

TWICE‘s Nayeon is a perfectly normal person…until you find out about her habits.

In a past interview with 1theK, TWICE exposed three habits of hers that no one else in the group does. She wasn’t even aware of them!

The first unusual habit Nayeon has is making noises in her sleep. Initially, she stated that she isn’t sure if she sleep talks, but Dahyun assured her that she does. It sounds like she’s eating food.

Everyone immediately agreed with Dahyun, and Jeongyeon added that it’s “really bad.”

According to Jihyo, Nayeon’s other strange habit is laughing loudly while using her phone.

She laughs so much when she’s on her phone. She laughs so much that I’m like, ‘What’s with her?’ She laughs so much and doesn’t say why she is.

— Jihyo

Mina demonstrated what actually happens. It seems that Nayeon bursts out laughing one moment, but the next moment her smile completely disappears!

Last but not the least, another one of Nayeon’s strange habits is leaving her glasses in the refrigerator…

…but she strongly denied that she does it.

Dahyun had to convince her by telling her to check their refrigerator later that day.

Seeing how confident Dahyun was, it’s likely that Nayeon really did find her glasses there!

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Source: YouTube