Hilarious TWICE Fans Infiltrate World Tour With The Funniest Meme Merchandise Of The Members

That’s one way to show up!

TWICE fans are hilarious! During the group’s recent world tour, ONCEs showed up to the venue carrying merchandise of the members—but not just any merch.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram

They chose the funniest meme photos of Jihyo and Nayeon! Every fan of the group knows this photo of Jihyo, which emerged during one of Sana’s live broadcasts. She flashed the hilarious expression without knowing that the Japanese member was filming.

Of course, ONCEs loved it and wanted Jihyo to know. They were seen bringing merch like t-shirts and tarpaulins with the picture printed onto them. Some were so big that people from far away could easily see them!

On the other hand, Nayeon’s meme photo of her with a blank expression on her face was printed onto star-shaped pillows and hoodies. Fans’ creativity seriously knows no bounds!

Netizens who viewed the pictures online joked that the only reason why the girls wouldn’t return to the country is because they saw the unique merch. Others, meanwhile, expressed their wish to own one of the pillows. They also lightheartedly joked that Jihyo’s biggest regret in life was meeting Sana.

Speaking of tours, check out what Nayeon looked like in real life during the group’s world tour here:

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Source: Twitter