TWICE’s Jihyo Thought Sana Was Taking A Photo… But She Was Actually Broadcasting to Thousands Of Fans

“We have worse pictures on the Internet.” -Sana

TWICE is currently getting ready for their first English language single, “The Feels”, which is set to be released in October. In the meantime, the girls are always ready for a good VLIVE broadcast but only when they know it’s happening.

“The Feels” | JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

Unfortunately for Jihyo, she didn’t realize Sana had gone live when Sana approached her during their most recent broadcast.


What might’ve been a fun moment to save to Sana’s camera roll became an instant Jihyo meme broadcast to thousands of fans.


Sana immediately burst out into giggles when she realized what Jihyo had done while Jihyo took a bit longer to figure out the situation.


It wasn’t until Sana asked Jihyo to “Show [her] something pretty” that Jihyo realized what had happened.

I thought you were taking pictures. Was I on camera?


“Show me something pretty.” “I thought you were taking pictures. Was I on camera?” | TWICE/VLIVE 

Luckily Jiyho was a good sport and greeted her ONCEs who she revealed she hadn’t seen in a bit since “it’s been so long since [she] did VLIVE.”

“Hello ONCE. It’s been so long since I did VLIVE.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

Sana attempted to comfort Jihyo with honesty, telling her “It’s okay. We have worse pictures on the Internet.”

“Please forget that.” “It’s okay. We have worse pictures on the internet.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

Sana then sweetly told Jihyo that she “look[ed] pretty no matter what, though.”

“You look pretty no matter what, though.” “Right.” | TWICE/VLIVE 

Jihyo may not have expected this, but we love her willingness to roll with the punches. To see more of what the girls talked about during this broadcast, check out the article below:

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