TWICE Finds It Harder To Memorize Lyrics Now Compared To Before—Here’s Why

It makes a big difference!

According to TWICE in an interview with Seventeen, there’s a noticeable difference in the amount of time it takes them to memorize lyrics now compared to before.

Nayeon in “Cheer Up”
Nayeon in “Alcohol-Free”

Nayeon explained that the reason for this is because, at present, they sing in many foreign languages. With Korean as her first language, it’s only natural that she finds it more difficult to remember non-Korean words.

For this question…There are a lot more songs translated from Korean. So for me, with memorizing our lyrics that are in foreign languages, now is harder.

— Nayeon

Sana agreed and added that they used to have more time to practice their songs before it was time to record them. Not only do they have to sing in Korean, Japanese, and English, they also have less time to perfect them.

Also, before, I think we had more time to practice songs we were going to record. Yeah, now there are more songs to record by country.

— Sana

No one can doubt TWICE’s dedication after seeing them memorize lyrics in so many languages for fans! It may be difficult, but the result is always perfect.

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Source: YouTube