TWICE Flex Their Tagalog Language Skills And Have Filipino ONCEs Feeling Proud

Their pronunciation was so cute!

TWICE recently appeared on Shopee’s channel for their 9.9 Shopping Day special! The group talked about their experience with Filipino ONCEs and shared their love for their fans there. They also flexed their Tagalog skills by speaking a few phrases that ONCEs would know well!

Jihyo, Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. | Shopee Philippines/YouTube 

Each member introduced themselves one by one and Sana included some Tagalog in her intro! She looked absolutely adorable as she introduced herself and said, “Mahal ko kayo.” (I love you all.)

| Shopee Philippines/YouTube 

Dahyun stayed on theme, since they were there to promote Shopee’s shopping day promotion. She said, “Nag-shopping na ba kayo?” (Have you been shopping?) Dahyun said it so well that fans are certain she’s been practicing her Tagalog recently!

| Shopee Philippines/YouTube 

When the host Heejun asked the group what Filipino phrases they learned, Momo gave a very simple but important phrase: “Mahal kita!” (I love you!) As an idol with tons of loving fans in the Philippines, it’s no surprise that Momo would remember that phrase well.

| Shopee Philippines/YouTube 

Chaeyoung pulled out a phrase ONCEs definitely use to describe TWICE all the time: “Ang galing” which means “Very good” or “Awesome.” The members couldn’t help but let out a laugh at Chaeyoung’s pronunciation, but we think she aced it!

| Shopee Philippines/YouTube 

The official Twitter account for TWICE also tweeted in Tagalog prior to the episode!

Filipino ONCEs have expressed their happiness over hearing TWICE speak in Tagalog.

Hopefully the group will be able to meet fans in the Philippines again soon, and make good use of their Tagalog skills. Until then, check out the interview below!

Source: YouTube