Here’s What Makes TWICE’s “Homebody” Mina Leave The House And Ride A Train

It takes something special to make her go out!

As fans would know, TWICE‘s Mina prefers to spend most of her free time at home. It’s hard to make her leave the comforts of her bed, but there’s one thing that compels her to do it!

In a past interview with YouTube channel 1theK, Mina was asked why she had been going outdoors more often, which is unlike her usual self.

Lately, Mina has been going outdoors more. As someone who always stays in bed, what made you go out?

— “Ask In A Box” question

Without hesitation, Mina revealed the surprising answer—sales!

Lately…there have been many sales. Since it’s a new season, there’s a lot that I need to get. I have watermelon juice while I shop.

— Mina

Much to the surprise of her members, Jeongyeon then shared that Mina went out that very day before the interview.

Even today, you went to Apgujeong alone.

— Jeongyeon

Mina confirmed it, adding, “I had about half an hour to an hour of free time.”

That’s not all, however, because she even took the train to reach her destination.

I did take the train. I used up all my lenses and needed to buy more, so I went out.

— Mina

Jeongyeon noted that fans would have taken many pictures of her. “There’s probably going to be a lot of pictures.”

Mina fully anticipated that and came prepared! She disclosed her tactic, saying, “But I covered myself well…

Watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube