TWICE Once Bared Their Hopes For Each Other, And They Were Incredibly Sweet And Touching

That’s love right there πŸ’•

During a past radio show appearance, TWICE was asked to share their hopes for the member they were seated next to.

One by one, tell the member sitting next to you something you hope from them.

β€” DJ

Their answers were both sincere and touching, but true to TWICE’s personalities, several members also gave some downright hilarious responses. Check them out below!

1. Jihyo to Momo

Leader Jihyo went up first, and she revealed her hope that Momo would share her food with them instead of eating by herself.

Momo is always eating alone. She’s good at taking out food and eating it alone, so you should take it out and share it with everyone.

β€” Jihyo

2. Momo to Dahyun

Momo had nothing to say to Dahyun, and her reason was adorable! According to Momo, she likes Dahyun just the way she is.

Instead of being perfect, I like her just the way she is now.

β€” Momo

3. Dahyun to Chaeyoung

Dahyun’s wish for Chaeyoung was for her to “grow up prettily on the right track.” At the same time, she hopes that Chaeyoung will never lose herself.

Since you’re 20 now, I wish you would grow up prettily on the right track while maintaining yourself to some degree.

β€” Dahyun

4. Chaeyoung to Tzuyu

Chaeyoung was next to share her hopes for the member beside her, who just so happened to be Tzuyu. She asked Tzuyu to express herself more.

Oh, Tzuyu is a bit blunt, so I wish she would express herself more and talk about her feelings as well.

β€” Chaeyoung

5. Tzuyu to Mina

Tzuyu invited Mina to join their outings more instead of staying in bed.

Don’t always stay in bed, Mina unnie. When we ask you to go somewhere, you should join us.

β€” Tzuyu

6. Mina to Sana

In a short and sweet manner, Mina asked Sana to share with them some of her very abundant energy!

I hope you’d share your energy with us.

β€” Mina

7. Sana to Nayeon

Next, Sana asked Nayeon to bring all of TWICE to the famous restaurants only she seems to be aware of.

Nayeon unnie knows a lot of famous restaurants. She only knows about them but has never been there, so we should all go together.

β€” Sana

8. Nayeon to Jeongyeon

When it was Nayeon’s turn, she turned to Jeongyeon, put an arm around her shoulders, and asked that she love her more.

Jeongyeon-ssi, please love me more. Please try to like me a bit more. We’ve seen each other for so long, so her expressions are very weak towards me.

β€” Nayeon

9. Jeongyeon to Jihyo

In the prior segment, Jihyo had unintentionally revealed that she drank quite a bit of alcohol once. Jeongyeon seized the opportunity to jokingly warn Jihyo to drink moderately! “Drink moderately. I’m just joking! I’m just joking!

After calming down, she gave a very heartwarming answer, recognizing Jihyo’s hard work as their leader and praising her for doing well.

Β Being a leader must be hard. You are doing well, and for our future promotions, let’s cheer up!

β€” Jeongyeon

See more of TWICE in the full video below!


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