Music Bank Cameraman Zooms in on Jeongyeon’s Face and Makes Her the “Ending Fairy” of TWICE’s “FANCY”

It’s Jeongyeon’s moment to shine.

TWICE recently performed their new song, “FANCY” at KBS 2TV’s Music Bank and gave a spectacular performance in all-pink outfits.

Among all the members who all shined brightly in their own way, Jeongyeon drew particular attention once again with her amazing transformation.

Jeongyeon, who had been known for her short hair for the longest time, flipped her newly long hair and exhibited a combination of both sexy and innocent while performing on stage.

She undoubtedly made her fans’ hearts skip a beat with her outstanding visuals, and her beauty was even captured as the last shot of TWICE’s performance.

Following TWICE’s powerful performance of “FANCY”, the cameraman zoomed right in on Jeongyeon’s face at the end of the song, highlighting her blinding looks once more.

The way she’s seen letting out a deep breath after the intense choreography adds to the captivating effect of Jeongyeon’s shining moment.

Watch the spectacular performance of TWICE’s “FANCY” below: