TWICE’s Jeongyeon Dressed as a Boy Resurfaces for How Much She Resembles BtoB’s Yook Sungjae

Only a true beauty could look that handsome.

In recent days, photos and footage of TWICE‘s Jeongyeon dressed as a boy for “What Is Love” has resurfaced in online communities for how natural and handsome she looked.

When she appeared flaunting a short hairdo and a male school uniform, she shocked everyone with how well she pulled off the switch.

Whether it was because of her normally short hairstyle or if her natural beauty knows no gender, her transformation into a boy was so flawless that all fans were in awe.

And when she sat by the window while reading a book, she most likely made everyone’s hearts flutter.

In addition, many fans pointed out that Jeongyeon resembled BtoB‘s Yook Sungjae when they didn’t look too closely.


Some might agree and some might disagree with this comparison, but what’s for certain is that Jeongyeon is such a natural beauty that she’s capable of looking handsome, too.


Source: Insight