TWICE Jeongyeon’s Family Wants To Adopt Sana, Here’s The Evidence

Jeongyeon’s sister would love Sana to become her dongsaeng.

Everyone who meets TWICE‘s Sana instantly falls in love with her, so it’s no surprise that Jeongyeon‘s family wants to make Sana one of their own!


On November 14, 2018, Jeongyeon and Sana appeared on the radio show Starry Night alongside Jeongyeon’s older sister, actress Gong Seungyeon.


At the beginning of the show, Gong Seungyeon read a fan comment that referred to her as Jeongyeon’s and Sana’s “unnie” (older sister), much to Sana’s delight.


This comment referenced an Instagram story Gong Seungyeon posted on October 19, 2018.


In it, Gong Seungyeon said she would become an older sister to Sana, since Sana is an only child.

[Sana] called because she said she suddenly missed me. Why am I Jeongyeon’s unnie, I’m going to be Sana’s older sister…I’m going to be Sana’s older sister from now on.

— Gong Seungyeon


Throughout the show, Gong Seungyeon proved that she is a true Sana stan. She volunteered to give Sana birthday kisses…


…asked her to write her name in calligraphy…


…and complimented her public speaking skills.


Gong Seungyeon also praised Sana’s talent for making appealing facial expressions on stage…


…and expressed her love for Sana’s cloning superpower in TWICE’s “Yes or Yes” MV.


After all, the more Sanas there are in the world, the better!


At the end of the show, Gong Seungyeon sent off Sana and Jeongyeon with this sweet, sisterly gesture.


It turns out that Jeongyeon’s sister isn’t the only family member who wants to adopt Sana though. Jeongyeon’s uncle told Jeongyeon that he purchased the last eight copies of Yes or Yes from his local store.


All he needs now is Sana’s autograph!


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