TWICE’s Jeongyeon Gifted Nayeon With The Perfect Alternative To What She Wanted

Nayeon wanted an iPhone for Christmas, so Jeongyeon compromised.

For a while, TWICE‘s Nayeon gave all the hints about what she wanted for a Christmas present.


During one particular live broadcast with Sana and Jeongyeon, she shared her wish for something purple. When Jeongyeon teased her by asking if anything purple will do, Nayeon clarified.

It wasn’t the color alone that she hoped for. What she wanted most was a purple iPhone. Sana pointed out that Jeongyeon had purchased a MacBook and would be able to fulfill Nayeon’s wish.

Anything purple is fine?

Jeongyeon reassured Nayeon that she could get it for her, “If I’m your secret Santa, I can get you one. Anything for you.” In the end, it didn’t entirely turn out that way but was even more heart-warming.

Then, I pick you. I pick you.

In a recent live broadcast to show ONCEs what she’d received for Christmas, Nayeon showed off what Jeongyeon got for her. Although it wasn’t the purple iPhone she’d wanted, Jeongyeon picked something in her favorite color: a purple unicorn key chain. Nayeon loved it just as much, if not more than an iPhone.

She gave me this as a Christmas present. Isn’t it pretty?

When it comes to gifts, it’s not always about what you want but the thought behind it. Not only did Jeongyeon pick a color Nayeon would like, but she chose a character she would like and something that will never go out of style.

Watch Nayeon proudly talk about her new purple unicorn here along with Jeongyeon teasing her.