The New Length and Volume of TWICE Jeongyeon’s Hair Is Stunning Absolutely Everyone

She’ll never have to worry about balding.

Just last month, TWICE‘s Jeongyeon showed off a very long and voluminous hairstyle on the Japanese TV show, Music Station as well as at their Tokyo Dome Concert.

Since her debut, Jeongyeon flaunted a very short cut for a very long time, which is why the new length and volume of her hair is making her look extra stunning.


On Music Station, Jeongyeon got onto the stage with long brown hair and a checkered outfit, which really made Jeongyeon’s natural beauty shine.

In addition, Jeongyeon also showed up with lusciously long hair at TWICE’s Tokyo Dome Concert that was held late last month.

This time, her hairstyle had a little bit of a curl in it which made her look much more lovable, if that was even possible.

Her hairstyle appeared to have so much length and volume to it compared to her previously short hairstyles, that it’s difficult not to feel swayed by her gorgeous charms.

Check out a few more photos highlighting Jeongyeon’s long and voluminous hairstyle below:


Source: Insight