TWICE’s Jeongyeon Transformed from a Goddess to a Fairy by Changing up Her Hairstyle

Jeongyeon can literally pull off any hairstyle.

TWICE recently performed at their independent concert in Seoul where each member showed individual charms that they had never shown their fans before.


Among the members’ many charms, it was Jeongyeon who stole the spotlight with her refreshing new hairdo.

Jeongyeon, who has been known for her short hairdo since her debut, recently grew out her hair and looked like an absolute goddess in her new comeback.

Following the recent change, Jeongyeon has often been called a goddess, but at TWICE’s recent concert, she went from that to a fairy by managing to pull off the pigtail look.

It’s not easy pulling off this hairstyle, but Jeongyeon managed to do it and looked absolutely adorable.

Despite looking amazing in both long flowy hair as well as pigtails, Jeongyeon announced that she’ll be switching back to short hair, which she pulls off just as well.

Seeing from past examples, Jeongyeon can literally pull off any hairstyle, so it’s pretty exciting to see what she’ll surprise her fans with next time.

Check out some more photos of Jeongyeon in pigtails below:

Source: Insight