TWICE’s Jeongyeon Says She’s Cutting Her Hair Short Again For This Reason

She said what she said.

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon has been wowing her fans with her gorgeous long hair for a while now – but during a recent concert, TWICELIGHTS in Seoul, she shared that she’ll be going back to her signature short hairstyle soon.


In this short clip of Jeongyeon interacting with the audience, she reveals her plan to cut her hair short again. As soon as Jeongyeon says, “Today is the last day I have this long hair”, her fans let out a big “Aww” and showed that they’re definitely sad to see it go.

Today is the last day I have this long hair, you guys. Yeah, I’m going to cut it this short again – like this.

— Jeongyeon


When her fellow TWICE members ask why she’d cut it, especially when the fans are this sad over it, Jeongyeon playfully says “Why? Because I want to!” And with this aegyo-filled answer, the other members shout, “You do you, unnie!” It looks like Jeongyeon is set on going back to her short haired self and no one is going to stop her!


Fans are excited to see Jeongyeon go back to having short hair – not only because she looks drop dead gorgeous in it, but also because that’s what she wants.


ONCEs love that Jeongyeon is living her best life, saying what she wants to say – doing what she wants to do! They’re all for Jeongyeon, supporting her decision to slay all kinds of looks she wants.


Here are some pictures of Jeongyeon with long hair for you to drool over, before she cuts them off: