Here’s How TWICE’s Jeongyeon Showed Off Her True Personality Through A Small Choreography Change

Jeongyeon cares so much about her members!

Over the past few years, TWICE has become known for their complex and elaborate choreography that intrigues casual fans and ONCEs alike. The group becomes more confident and synchronized with each comeback, even as the choreography becomes more difficult.

With their Formula Of Love: O+T=<3 comeback approaching, many ONCEs have reflected on their favorite TWICE moments and discovered new details.

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One of these discoveries came from TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free” promotions from earlier this year. Jeongyeon has always been known for her caring nature toward her members, but how she changed her choreography shows just how attentive she is.

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During the bridge of the song, the group forms a bar with Mina playing Dahyun‘s bartender. Jeongyeon kneels at the far end of the bar, with Sana bending across her to create the tabletop.

Sana would lose some of her balance during early performances as she leaned her whole body over Jeongyeon.

Fans noticed that in later performances, Jeongyeon began to support Sana during this moment in the song.

As Sana leaned over, Jeongyeon would grip her arms to give her help with her balance.

As a result of this tiny adjustment, Sana maintained her balance for the rest of the “Alcohol-Free” promotions.

With TWICE having just celebrated their 6th anniversary, it’s no surprise that the members know each other well enough to help each other out on stage. To read more about the considerate things TWICE has done for each other during live performances, check out the article below:

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