TWICE’s Jeongyeon Was So Done When “Director Nabong” Came To Visit

Jeongyeon was so, so done:

When TWICE‘s Nayeon transformed into a director while filming their “MORE & MORE” music video, she had an absolute blast. Jeongyeon, on the other hand…well, she was so done with “Director Nabong.”

In episode 4 of TWICE TV “MORE & MORE”, Twice took ONCE behind-the-scenes of their outdoor filming on Jeju Island. After battling the wind and filming some of their scenes, TWICE gathered together to monitor themselves carefully. As they did so, however, they suddenly received a surprise visit from director Nayeon!

Transforming into “Director Nabong”, Nayeon hilariously started directing her members, starting with a simple shoulder stretch! And as Nayeon was giving her orders, the camera just so happened to pick up Jeongyeon’s hilarious reaction to meeting their new director!

While Jeongyeon may have been a little perplexed by their guest director, Dahyun happily followed along which in turn caused Nayeon to get more and more into her role. In fact, she got so into it that when Dahyun called the director (or should we say the other director?) to ask a question, Nayeon immediately responded instead!

And although it didn’t go quite as she planned, she even tried her best to answer Dahyun’s question!

The further Nayeon dove into her “Director Nabong” persona, the more fun she was having. It didn’t look like “Director Nabong” was going anywhere any time soon. Or at least, that was until the Jeongyeon hilariously chased the director away when she accidentally scared her with the megaphone!

Welcome “Director Nabong” into your life and witness Jeongyeon’s hilarious reaction to the director in full below: