People Are Freaking Out About How Handsome TWICE’s Jeongyeon Looks As A Boy

TWICE’s Jeongyeon dressed up like male movie characters, and people are shook over how handsome she looks!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon portrayed two different kinds of male movie characters during their latest “What Is Love?” MV, and people have never been more confused about their sexuality!


Jeongyeon looked like a dashing prince as she parodied the famous Leonardo Dicaprio scene from “Romeo + Juliet”.


Then she became the oppa-of-all-oppas as she played the part of a chic bookworm senpai from “Love Letter”.


And fans were shook about how handsome Jeongyeon was in each of these scenes!


They can’t get over how stunning she looks… the ultimate flower boy!


Their fantasies drove wild as they already began stitching up a K-Drama scenario featuring the handsome Jeongyeon!


Jeongyeon proved once again that she’s able to pull of any concept – from girly to dashing!


Lesson learned: Jeongyeon just looks good in whatever she does!