TWICE’s Jeongyeon Was Called Over To Her Sister’s House For One Reason Alone

We will call her unnie anyday.

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon is well-known and loved amongst ONCEs for her cool personality and easy-going demeanor. Compared to the other members, she may be a little braver and harder to scare, resulting in many fans calling her “Jeongyeon Unnie” as a sign of admiration.

It seems that even her older sister is not immune to her chic charms, but for a whole different reason! Recently on the 16th of June, Jeongyeon’s sister, actress Gong Seung Yeon, uploaded on her Instagram a screenshot of her family’s Kakaotalk messenger conversation.

Seung Yeon cutely pleaded, “Please. It’s alive. Jeong Yeon. Please come. And take care of it.” Jeongyeon replied in her trademark tsundere way, with a simple “I’m coming”, to which Seung Yeon said “okay”.

Following that, Jeongyeon made her way down to Seung Yeon’s house, where she actually took a look at the huge bug and backed off while saying it was “disgusting”. Seung Yeon captioned the clip with “where are you going?” Watch the clip as you have to listen to the hilarious squeals from the sisters.

Thankfully for Seung Yeon, Jeongyeon came back with armed with tissues and rubber gloves, so she could pick up the bug and throw it away. Seung Yeon showed her gratitude by thanking Jeongyeon in the caption of the video. Looks like it was Jeongyeon to the rescue!

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