TWICE’s Jeongyeon Spotted Looking Fabulous with One Shoulder Exposed

Just stunning.

TWICE Jeongyeon‘s visuals at the recent Jimmy Choo event was absolutely jaw-dropping.

Jeongyeon appeared at the event wearing a checkered dress with an off-the-shoulder cardigan on top which made her look elegant and chic.

But what most people weren’t ready for was her exposed shoulder.

As if her natural beauty and gorgeous fashion weren’t enough, she decided to grace her fans with a bold reveal.

And the short hair she sported added a touch of “Jeongyeon” that everyone loves so dearly.

Fans reacted to this look with admiration with comments such as “She’s a living Barbie doll” and “I can see why everyone’s obsessed with Jeongyeon“.

Check out some more photos of Jeongyeon below:



Source: Insight