A Stranger Walked in on Jeongyeon While She Was in the Washroom

That’s embarrassing…

Jeongyeon revealed an unforgettable experience she had in a plane washroom.

On an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, TWICE featured as guests on the show and had a good time.

On the show, the TWICE members shared various experiences they’ve had in the past. In particular, Jeongyeon drew a lot of attention with a very embarrassing story.

Jeongyeon started off by saying, “I had to go so badly that I rushed to the washroom as soon as I got on the plane.”

She continued and said, “When I was finished, I flushed with my pants still down when someone opened the door.”

That’s not all. Jeongyeon said that she turned around out of surprise and made eye contact with the passenger.

Luckily, that passenger was a woman.

Jeongyeon reminisced about the humiliating experience while explaining, “It was so urgent that I forgot to lock the door.”

After hearing that, Kim Hee Chul asked, “Did she recognize you?”

In response, Jeongyeon said, ” I don’t think she did”, and Kang Ho Dong said, “Well, now she knows” and stirred up a good laugh.

The footage can be watched below:

Source: Insight


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