TWICE’s Jihyo “Accused” Nayeon Of Wanting To Transfer To SM Entertainment

Nayeon couldn’t explain herself.

The KBS Kpop YouTube channel recently posted a behind-the-scenes video with bonus footage of the Idol Human Theater episodes of TWICE and THE BOYZ.

TWICE | KBS Kpop/YouTube

The video included more footage of the TWICE girls chatting about Jeongyeon‘s first appearance on the show and funny anecdotes from promoting Nayeon‘s solo single, “Pop!”

Mina and Nayeon also had a round of the “Yang Se Chan game,” which was played by writing down a random person’s name on a piece of paper and asking questions to each other until one of the players was able to guess who their assigned person was.

Things took a turn when Nayeon revealed that the name she picked for Mina was “Lee Soo Man,” the famous founder of SM Entertainment, long considered one of their company, JYP Entertainment‘s, biggest rivals! The other TWICE members were shocked because of her choice.

When questioned about why she chose the name “Lee Soo Man,” Nayeon hesitated to answer, prompting TWICE’s leader Jihyo to jokingly accuse her of subconsciously wanting to transfer to SM Entertainment!

If all of our spirits are pink, yes!” Nayeon replied since pink is one of the most prominent colors at SM Entertainment, kidding that she would only switch companies if all 9 of the TWICE members agreed to it.

In the end, Nayeon couldn’t explain why the name came to her mind, but Mina guessed correctly anyway! Nayeon guessed “Doctor Strange” at almost the same moment.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video of TWICE and THE BOYZ’s Idol Human Theater below. Nayeon and Mina play the “Yang Se Chan game” at the 9:11 mark.