TWICE’s Jihyo Opens Up About How Her Company-Enforced Diets Over The Years Changed Her

She realized something important.

In the K-Pop industry, most companies place their trainees under strict diets, and JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE is no exception. Jihyo, who was a trainee for 10 long years, shared her experience in a recent episode of MBC‘s I Live Alone.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram
Jihyo as a young trainee

The episode followed the “Killin’ Me Good” singer as she woke up in her beautiful apartment and showed off her usual morning routine.

After an intense pilates class, she visited the local market and entered a restaurant, which she revealed is one of her favorites because of its warm interior and delicious Korean food.

The hosts of the show quickly noticed her big order, saying, “It’s a lot for one person” and “You eat more than I thought.

Jihyo then explained why she ordered so many different dishes, and it has to do with the strict diets she was forced to undergo as a child. According to the leader, she was “put on so many diets,” likely aggravated by the fact that she was a trainee for so many years.

As an adult, she came to the realization that she doesn’t want to experience that kind of unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle again.

That’s why she orders whatever she wants to eat and taste. With her past experience in mind, she actively doesn’t restrict herself. She completely changed her relationship with food and is all the better for it!

So when I was younger, I was a trainee for so long. I was put on so many diets, so I don’t want to force myself to eat less anymore. I just want to eat what I want to eat and taste a bit of everything.

— Jihyo

Meanwhile, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube