TWICE’s Jihyo And GOT7’s BamBam Name The Most Embarrassing Songs From Their Own Groups

It’s why Jihyo hasn’t performed it in a while!

As K-Pop groups release more songs and grow older, the members may start feeling embarrassed about some of their past tracks. And that’s exactly what happened to TWICE‘s Jihyo and GOT7‘s BamBam!

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The two friends recently enjoyed a few cans of beer and some food together in an episode of Bam’s House. Aside from discussing their relationship with JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park, they also shared words of encouragement.

BamBam, for example, told Jihyo that he hopes TWICE will continue to sing even when they have white hair.

You’re the leader. TWICE should make it until the end, I think. Even when you have white hair, I want you to do ‘Cheer up baby~‘.

— BamBam

However, Jihyo completely disagreed! She explained that it’s actually one of her “top worries” because she thinks their early songs are embarrassing. The TWICE leader admitted that she already can’t proudly perform some of them.

That’s one of the top worries I have. Let’s say I got old. Now, senior groups like Kara and SNSD still perform. If we get older and do something like that, our songs are like TT, etc… Something like this. It will be so embarrassing. Because even now, I feel embarrassed sometimes.

— Jihyo

BamBam then asked, “What’s the most embarrassing song?” He went first, saying that GOT7’s “Just Right” is the boy group’s most humiliating track to date.

Jihyo chose two songs: “Cheer Up” and “What Is Love.” She’s especially shy to shake her body cutely at the end. But as BamBam said, these songs are iconic and aren’t shameful at all!

‘Shy, shy, shy.’ I really can’t. So I haven’t done a cheer up in a long time. You have to do that. And ‘What Is Love’ is embarrassing too. ‘What is love? What is love?‘ And I have to shake myself at the ending.

— Jihyo

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