Fans Are Seeing This Jihyo And Kang Daniel Moment In A Whole New Light

This past interaction is making fans say “aww”.

An adorable, year-old video of K-Pop’s new power couple has resurfaced in light of their dating news.


On August 4, Dispatch reported that TWICE‘s leader, Jihyo, and soloist Kang Daniel (formerly of Wanna One) are dating. According to Dispatch, the two began dating at the beginning of 2019.


Soon after the news broke, JYP Entertainment and KONNECT Entertainment both confirmed the relationship.

Jihyo and Kang Daniel are currently meeting with good feelings for each other.

— JYP Entertainment


Ever since then, fans have been traveling back in time to find dating “evidence”, i.e affectionate, on-camera interactions between Kang Daniel and Jihyo. One moment from last summer is gaining special attention.


In August 2018, TWICE and Wanna One both attended the Soribada Best K-Music Awards and backstage cameras captured a cute interaction between them.


TWICE’s Jihyo and Nayeon were all smiles while shooting hoops, until Wanna One suddenly walked by. Then, things got a little awkward.


Nayeon and Jihyo both grew shy…


…and Jihyo seemed like she couldn’t decide whether she should look at Wanna One or not.


Some fans now see this clip as proof of Jihyo’s crush on Kang Daniel, which may have begun long before they started dating. While this may or may not be true, one thing is: this moment is too cute!