TWICE’s Jihyo and Kim Sejeong Are Humble Queens As They Interact With Fans In Jeju

Jihyo and Sejeong are super sweet and down-to-earth.

In episode two of TWICE Jihyo‘s vlog of her Jeju trip with Kim Sejeong, the girls visited Sunrise Peak, where fields of flowers lay at the base of the volcano-made crater. In an ecstatic mood after their fine dining experience, the girls started fooling around, dancing amongst the flowers in a competition to make each other laugh.

Sejeong (left) and Jihyo (right) | TWICE/YouTube

While the two started searching for another picture spot, Sejeong and Jihyo showed off the beautiful sights around them, including each other. Their interactions are full of warmth and happiness, and the way the two girls act so freely makes fans feel like they’re watching an ordinary but special friendship and not two international superstars.

But besides their interactions with each other, their interactions with strangers reveal how down-to-earth Jihyo and Sejeong are. As they passed another group of people taking photos, Sejeong offered to take a group photo of them. Jihyo was surprised that Sejeong had reached out first, and it was a comforting reminder that in Jeju, the girls could simply enjoy themselves like everyone else.

Jihyo joined Sejeong as a photographer, and the two worked together to take the best pictures for their fellow vacationers. Their actions were warmly reciprocated, resulting in some super cute photos for Jihyo and Sejeong to post on Instagram.

Wrapping up the impromptu photoshoot, the person who took Jihyo and Sejeong’s photos revealed that she was a fan. Exchanging warm pleasantries, the girls took a few more photos with their fans before going their separate way. The entire interaction was short and sweet, highlighting the humble attitude of the idols and the respectful attitude of their fans.

Afterward, the girls continued to have the time of their lives, taking plenty of cute pictures in the flower fields.

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