Jihyo’s Mom Cracked up When She Saw Her Peeing Standing

It must have been hilarious to be Jihyo’s mom.

On a recent episode of Knowing Bros, TWICE‘s Jihyo told a story from when she was 4 years old.

On this episode, Jihyo told the cast to guess why her mom burst out laughing when she was little and said it was because she did something that she can’t do anymore.

After some thinking, the hosts guessed that she ran around naked like a boy, and Jihyo said it was similar.

That’s when Seo Jang Hoon immediately got it right by saying, “You didn’t roam around naked. You copied the boys by peeing standing.

Jihyo explained further by saying:

“When I was 4, I was the only girl in our neighborhood. They were all boys, and they stood side by side and peed against the wall. So I copied them, and when my mom showed up and saw that, she cracked up laughing.”

Watch the hilarious revelation below:

Source: Single List


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