TWICE’s Momo And Jihyo Reveal Embarrassing Habits That Their Members Know All Too Well

They’re totally relatable 😂

TWICE‘s Momo and Jihyo revealed some of their most embarrassing habits, and their members recognized what they were talking about!

TWICE’s Momo (left) and Jihyo (right) | @twicetagram/Instagram

Recently, TWICE was invited by Seventeen to answer several questions about themselves. One of the questions they were asked was, “What are some of your embarrassing habits?

Sana revealed that Jihyo had just mentioned one earlier that day as they made their way to the venue.

Oh, Jihyo mentioned one earlier when we were coming here in the car.

— Sana

Although at first confused, Jihyo quickly realized what Sana was referring to. In the car, she told them how she nearly slipped in the salon.

She recognizes that slipping itself isn’t technically a habit, but nonetheless, it can be embarrassing when it does happen.

It’s not a habit, but today in the hair and makeup shop, I almost slipped. But I think I often trip on things and slip easily.

— Jihyo

Hilariously, Jihyo then prompted her members to also share an embarrassing habit so that she wasn’t alone in exposing herself! “Am I the only one saying one?

Rather than revealing one of hers, Sana shared some insight into the topic.

I thought of this. If there were something embarrassing, it can suddenly come to mind, so you would think about it again and end up feeling embarrassed again.

— Sana

Suddenly, Momo remembered a habit of hers that never fails to make her members laugh. She explained that she has the tendency to touch her nose, causing her makeup to move.

Oh, I have one! After I do my makeup, I touch my nose a lot, so the base makeup on my nose gets erased. So the other members laugh.

— Momo

Hear TWICE explain their embarrassing habits in the full video below!

Source: Seventeen


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