TWICE Jihyo’s New Dear. U Bubble Profile Pic And Username Is A Major Blast From The Past For Koreans — Here’s Why

Did you get the inside joke?

TWICE‘s Jihyo recently updated her Dear U. Bubble profile picture and it immediately spiralled into a welcome and heartwarming incident amongst her and older fans. The profile photo was the most adorable one, and had her all bundled up with earwarmers, a mask and sunglasses.

Fans immediately responded, and they compared her to this pixel icon. The mask and sunglasses are quite uncanny, so is the headgear! While most international fans and some younger Korean fans would have been wondering what was going on, Jihyo picked up on the reference quickly.

The icon that fans compared her to was one of the most popular icons used by teens on the social media webpage, SayClub. Say what now? SayClub is actually similar to Cyworld, MySpace or Blogger, where users were able to create their own personal pages. You could even have a sign in book for guests and comments.

Jihyo picked up on the drift and cutely changed her username on Dear. U Bubble to “JyoClub (Private)“!

Of course SayClub started in 1999 when she was just two years old, then quickly fell out of popularity by the mid 2000s. Jihyo must have only been in elementary school at the peak of SayClub! That’s pretty good memory she has going on!

Source: theqoo