Why TWICE Jihyo’s Parents Thought She May Have Been Switched At Birth

It really crossed their minds.

TWICE‘s Jihyo recently visited her family at home, and she excitingly took fans along with her. In the video, her parents opened up about how they once doubted her career as a K-Pop idol, and they also discussed how her former classmates reacted to her being a trainee in JYP Entertainment.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram

Other than that, they also took a trip down memory lane and looked at her childhood photographs, where they revealed that they once thought she may have been switched at birth!

It all started when they were going over the pictures, and they admitted that they initially thought she was an “ugly” baby.

  • Jihyo: When you saw me right after I was born, what did you say?
  • Dad: “She is so ugly.”
  • Mom: You were my first baby. I thought all babies were born cute, and I was so shocked because you looked so weird.
  • Jihyo: I was bald. Did you say you cried because I was so ugly?

But there was a reason why the “Killin’ Me Good” singer looked that way. She was sick and had to be confined in an incubator. During that difficult moment, their greatest pain was that they couldn’t hold her. Luckily, she quickly recovered and was released the next week.

When they saw her again, she appeared completely different! Her swelling was gone.

  • Jihyo: I was sick right after I was born. They shaved my head and I was in an incubator. The head…
  • Mom: I literally cried every night. I wanted to hold you so badly. You were in there for like a week. They didn’t let me see you for four days. And when I saw you, your face had changed so much.
  • Jihyo: All the swelling was gone?

Not only that, the nurses also shaved her head, so her parents could barely recognize her. From being an “ugly” baby, she became so beautiful that a nurse called her “the prettiest baby she’s ever seen.” Her dad then joked that they wondered if she was switched or not!

  • Mom: That and they shaved your head only here. I was so shocked, so I cried again. And the nurse told me that she’s been working for more than 10 years, and you were the prettiest baby she’s ever seen. That’s what she said.
  • Jihyo: I mean, I changed a lot!
  • Mom: Totally. At first, I thought you weren’t my baby. I mean, it’s like a different baby. It’s so crazy, right?
  • Dad: We really wondered whether our baby got switched or not.

Meanwhile, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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