TWICE’s Jihyo Spills On Her Former Classmates’ Unexpected Reaction To Her Being A JYP Entertainment Trainee

10-year-old Jihyo expected a specific reaction, but the reality was different. 😂

TWICE‘s Jihyo filmed a special episode of Zyo’s with her family members, as they shared memories from Jihyo’s childhood and discussed her early days as a JYP Entertainment trainee.

TWICE’s Jihyo | TWICE/YouTube

With her parents by her side, Jihyo went through a box of mementos from her elementary school days when she was already a trainee at the well-known company.

Jihyo’s parents revealed they signed Jihyo up for modeling as a young child before she joined JYP Entertainment in 2005, the same day as former Wonder Girls member Sunmi.

TWICE’s Jihyo (left) and Sunmi (right)

As she trained alongside her legendary JYP Entertainment sunbaes, she also attended school, where her classmates’ feelings about her were revealed through a letter Jihyo wrote in the 4th grade.

While going through her mementos, Jihyo found her old elementary school diaries and hilariously shared she was scared to open them.

The first diary entry Jihyo read was about her regret that she couldn’t perform her “filial duty” for her parents with a vow to “try harder” to be a good daughter for them.

The second entry was written after Jihyo became a trainee, and she hilariously let her diary know she went to JYP Entertainment and felt that “anyone would be jealous of [her]” then.

While trainee Jihyo thought everyone would be “jealous,” she later revealed in the same diary entry that her classmates “didn’t really care” about her trainee status.

Jihyo found her 10-year-old thoughts hilarious as she continued to skim through her past.

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