TWICE’s Jihyo “Parties Hard” On Fridays, And It’s Why The Group Started A Very Expensive Penalty

It didn’t exist before 😂

Fridays are the best days to unwind and party with friends, and according to the TWICE members, Jihyo makes the most out of them!

TWICE’s Jihyo

In fact, that’s the exact reason why they implemented a very expensive penalty where they pay each other every time they make a mistake in practice.

If it’s a small mistake, they shell out ₩518,000 KRW ($438 USD), but a big mistake costs them a whopping ₩1,193,000 KRW ($1014)!

For each mistake, it’s ₩518,000, and if you make a big mistake, it’s ₩1,193,000.

— Nayeon

What was the reason why such a pricey penalty was even implemented in the first place? According to the members, Jihyo started it because she lacked money. She’s especially strict on Saturdays because she spends a lot the night before when she goes out partying.

Jihyo lacked money. It’s worse on Saturdays. I think it’s because she spends a lot the day before.


Partying on Fridays doesn’t just affect Jihyo’s funds but also the way she practices the next day!

Jihyo designated Saturdays as her rest days from singing. For six days a week, she sings live as she dances, but Friday nights tire her out too much and make her need a well-deserved break.

She says she’s tired because she partied hard the day before. Well…that’s what she says.

— Sana

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