The Reason Why TWICE’s Jihyo Started Playing Golf Is Absolutely Heartwarming And Says A Lot About Her

It’s so sweet ❤️

It hasn’t been long since TWICE‘s Jihyo took up an active new hobby—golf!

TWICE’s Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram

Fans may be familiar with pictures she posts of herself enjoying the sport and looking beautiful the entire time…

| @_zyozyo/Instagram
| @_zyozyo/Instagram

…and most recently, she was interviewed by GQ Korea where she even showed off some of her skills!

When asked what motivated her to start playing in the first place, she gave a heartwarming response.

According to the TWICE leader, it’s all because she wanted to spend more time with her parents.

Jihyo with her parents

She explained that her busy schedule prevented her from seeing her parents often. She thought of what she could do to rectify that, and she realized that they simply needed to have the same hobby. Her parents started playing golf again recently, so it was an easy decision for her to make!

The biggest reason is my parents. My parents used to play golf when I was little but they stopped playing for a while and they started it again recently. But since I’m too busy, it was hard for me to spend time with my parents. I thought that we could enjoy our time together if we have the same hobby.

— Jihyo

Seeing how Jihyo decided to learn a new sport all for her parents, it shows how she is a devoted daughter.

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