TWICE’s Jihyo Boldly Claims One Of Their Choreographies Is Among The Hardest In K-Pop, And She Isn’t Wrong

You have to see it for yourself.

TWICE is known for their insane choreographies, but one of them is so difficult, the members still bring it up every so often—even if over two years have passed since it was released!

The most recent example of a member mentioning it is when Jihyo was interviewed by GQ Korea.

Jihyo | @_zyozyo/Instagram

According to the “Talk That Talk” singer, the most difficult choreography they’ve ever done was for their song “MORE & MORE.” It’s so challenging, she boldly called it one of the hardest dances that any girl group has ever done.

Personally, I like myself dancing to ‘MORE & MORE.’ It’s because its choreography is one of the hardest ones out of all the girl groups.

— Jihyo

And the reason she can claim that is because its intensity is no joke. Holding out until the end of the song is a test of endurance. “I dare to say this, but I was dancing intensively until the end with gritted teeth and intense energy,” she said.

However, she is proud of herself for always giving it her all during the performances no matter how exhausted she felt afterwards.

If they tell me to perform like that again now, I feel like I’d be out of energy by the middle. But I’m proud of myself being passionate and taking a firm stand. I watch that video whenever I feel exhausted or lose my self-esteem.

— Jihyo

And true to her words, it’s clear that the “MORE & MORE” choreography is on another level!

There are many intricate moves, and the energy needed is greater than usual. The members are undoubtedly great dancers to be able to execute it.

This isn’t the first time Jihyo talked about the “MORE & MORE” choreography. Check out what she said in a previous video here:

The TWICE Choreography That Made The Members “Too Exhausted To Walk,” According To Jihyo

Source: YouTube


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