TWICE’s Jihyo Reveals The Heartbreaking Reason Why She Got Into Fights During Elementary School

Nayeon was shocked due to this!

TWICE‘s Jihyo is known for her gorgeous visuals and bright personality.

However, during a live broadcast, she shared that elementary school was a rough time for her.

This was because other students would constantly make fun of her appearance, as they thought she looked biracial. They even gave her multiple nicknames, some of which ended up hurting her.

While Jihyo is now appreciative of her looks, she did get annoyed back then due to how much she was getting picked on. Jihyo even admitted that she got into a lot of fights due to this, which shocked Nayeon.

Nayeon got curious after Jihyo revealed this, and asked if she ever hit the people who picked on her. Jihyo wasn’t shy and admitted that a lot of the fights got physical.

Here’s the full video below!