TWICE Could Be JYP Entertainment’s Next Band

New photos of TWICE’s Jeongyeon leaving the JYP Entertainment building has sparked some fun rumors among ONCEs (TWICE fans). 

Photo: twicetagram_

Jeongyeon was spotted exiting JYP Entertainment’s building in Cheongdam with what looks like a guitar bag. 

Photo: twicetagram_

Curious as to whether or not Jeongyeon’s guitar-playing has to do with TWICE’s next concept, fans have started discussing the possibility of TWICE having a band concept next.

ONCEs were quick to point out that the group already has very capable band members, such as pianist/keyboardist Dahyun. 

As well as Mina, who’s also interested in playing the keyboard!

Tzuyu, on the other hand, has already expressed her desire to learn the drums and even showed fans a few of her moves.

Many fans pointed out that Nayeon, who’s known as the face of the group, would be the obvious frontman for the hypothetical band.

But Sana’s viral charms and honey-smooth vocals could definitely give her a run for her money!

And of course, who could forget aspiring violinist Momo?

While a 9-member band might be a little hard to swallow, ONCEs pointed out that Jihyo and Chaeyoung could step up as composers, after successfully writing the lyrics to “Eyes Eyes Eyes.”

In terms of style, fellow JYP Entertainment group Day6 already proved that TWICE’s songs are perfect for the band style.

And as for styling, JYP Entertainment totally nailed it with Wonder Girls‘ styling.

So while TWICE actually going for a band concept might be a bit of a stretch, all the pieces are there for TWICE to become quite a successful band.

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