The TWICE Members Are Literally Everywhere…Even In Law Textbooks

TWICE’s impact has reached academia!

TWICE has a huge global impact!


As worldwide superstars, the members have performed all over the world.

| Victor A/YouTube

They’ve endorsed brands in South Korea and many other countries.

| 주식회사대현/YouTube

Their music has been played at political rallies.

The members have also been used as characters in…law textbooks!

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

A ONCE on Twitter revealed that TWICE’s Sana, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Dahyun were used in questions in their law textbook. The fan was studying RFBT (Regulatory Framework for Business Transactions) law.

| @iamwansuu/Twitter

The fan guessed that one of the textbook’s authors must be a fellow ONCE because of the questions they wrote. In one of the questions, a thief broke into Dahyun’s home and stole a book she was going to give to Dahyun. The previous question mentioned Sana and Nayeon.

| @iamwansuu/Twitter

Fellow ONCEs quoted the original tweet to talk about how much they wished their textbooks mentioned TWICE and to laugh about the members’ unexpected appearance in the law textbook.