Here’s TWICE’s Line Distribution For “MORE & MORE”—And These Members Get The Most Lines

Does it surprise you?

TWICE recently made a comeback with the title track “MORE & MORE”, and it was definitely worth the wait! As always, a topic of interest among fans is the song’s line distribution, so a ONCE graciously did the hard work for us and released her findings. Check out the members’ line distributions below, and remember to give and take one or two seconds!

1. Nayeon

20.5 seconds/14.6 seconds without ad-lib

2. Dahyun

19.2 seconds

3. Chaeyoung

18.3 seconds

4. Sana

17.4 seconds

5-6. Jeongyeon & Jihyo

15.6 seconds

7. Tzuyu

14.3 seconds

8. Mina

13.0 seconds

9. Momo

9.4 seconds

Watch the music video for “MORE & MORE” below!

Source: theqoo