TWICE’s Dahyun Once Got MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul A Surprise Gift That Nearly Made Her Cry

Moonbyul and Dahyun had only seen each other two times at that point!

TWICE‘s Dahyun has been praised many times for her kind personality, and she once nearly brought MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul to tears with her kind act!

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul
TWICE’s Dahyun | @KDHLOOKS/Twitter

In a live broadcast, Moonbyul was asked, “What did you receive from Dahyun as a gift?

Moonbyul shared that Dahyun gifted her perfume, lotion, and a letter!

When Moonbyul read the letter, she nearly cried.

Before recording at the 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon Music Festival, Dahyun suddenly came to Moonbyul’s waiting room.

The two exchanged greetings, and this was just the second time Dahyun and Moonbyul had seen each other.

Despite not knowing each other that well, Dahyun had heard that Moonbyul’s birthday was a few days ago and prepared a gift for her!

Moonbyul was not expecting this, and she really felt as if tears were going to fall. Moonbyul, however, held her tears in since she was going to be on broadcast soon.

Moonbyul concluded by thanking Dahyun.

Dahyun is the sweetest!

Source: Naver Live