TWICE Reveals How Many Bottles Of Alcohol They Can Drink In One Night

What’s your guess?

All of the TWICE members are officially adults, so they have no problems with openly talking about alcohol to fans.

In a recent live broadcast, a fan asked the girls about their alcohol tolerance. “I want to know how much alcohol you can drink.

Nayeon explained that they can all drink one bottle of alcohol, however, they would “be in trouble” if they were to finish it.

I don’t think we can say our drinking capacity. All of us can’t drink that much. But we can drink a bottle, right? Half a bottle? But we’d be in trouble if we were to finish an entire bottle.

— Nayeon

She then worriedly asked if it was really alright for them to discuss the topic. “Are we not allowed to talk about this?

Momo confidently stated that there shouldn’t be any problem discussing it because they are all legal adults.

No, not that. We were bound to talk about this someday.

— Momo

Jihyo agreed, saying, “We’re all legal adults.

Satisfied with their answers, Nayeon added that when it comes to wine, three or four members can finish around two bottles.

So I think it’s right. Three or four members can finish two bottles? Or a little less. I think it’s that much.

— Nayeon

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Source: Naver Live