TWICE Members Alone With A Male Mannequin… Can’t Stop Touching Him

This is what apparently happens when you leave TWICE and a mannequin alone in a room!

A few of the TWICE members were seen getting touchy touchy with a mannequin on an episode of Elegant Private Life.


This happened while Jihyo, Dahyun, and Tzuyu were trying to promote the jacket on the mannequin. Rather than the jacket, however, more attention was drawn to the way the members groped the mannequin.


Tzuyu began by asking the other members, “Doesn’t he look strong?” with her hand on his shoulder.


Then Dahyun chimed in saying, Doesn’t he make you want to hug him?” and snuggled up right next to him.


It was when Dahyun began describing the fabric that she completely let go and began caressing the mannequin.


Jihyo joined in on the fun explaining that the fabric was very soft.


The TWICE members just couldn’t leave the mannequin alone! But this is no surprise as TWICE is notorious for being extremely affectionate with each other, physically!


Their physical affection is seemingly not limited to each other! Watch the full clip below: